Add a New Company

When adding a company, try to find out as much as you can for each question.

Some companies publicly publish lots of information about climate change, whilst others don't. If you can't find any answers to the questions below, don't worry.

If there's no public-facing information, by default that's a negative score.

If you're stuck or need more detail, we've created a how-to find relevant climate information guide.

Thank you for your support 🙏

A company that offsets CO2 it produces by other projects i.e. tree farm
A company that creates no additional CO2?
A company that removes more CO2 than it produces?
Does this company use 100% renewable energy to power its business, i.e. offices?
Have they (or will they) invest in climate change projects/research?
Companies that make a profit directly from fossil fuels? i.e. Oil and natural gas companies

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