Top 5 Best Climate Change Documentaries on Netflix

A collection of some of the best, free, and most recent climate change documentaries that everyone should watch.

Netflix has a host of movies, tv-series, and documentaries covering a wide range of subjects in many different genres. The documentary genre, in particular, has a collection of extremely well-produced and informative climate change movies. The documentaries featured in this resource range from our planet to our oceans and are available to different regions, globally.

1. David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

Without a doubt, Sir David Attenborough is an inspiration and pioneer to us all. Starting his working career back in 1951, and still to this day, presenting a host of different documentaries, but his most eye-opening to date is A Life on Our Planet. Released on Netflix in September 2020, it has been causing a storm in the climate action world. It showcases the impact humans have played on our planet, of which Sir David Attenborough has witness first-hand over his lifetime. We rated this one 5/5!

Why did David Attenborough make a life on our planet?

In Sir David Attenborough's own words during the film, he saw first hand the impacts humanity was having on planet earth. He made it as part of a celebration of his career, with the aim of leaving a message to us all to allow this generation and go beyond to continue his message and legacy.

What does David Attenborough say at the end of a life on our planet?

Sir David Attenborough's message at the end of a life on our planet is in contrast to the prior viewing, offering hope and belief into saving our planet. Attenborough spends the last 30 minutes discussing ways we can improve our planet by acting now. The key takeaways from his message are if we act now by stopping eating meat, creating no-fishing zones in our oceans, and halt our world's population, we can save ourselves and the planet.

Is David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet on Netflix?

Yes, David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet is available to watch on Netflix now.

How long is David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet?

David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet is 1 hour 23 minute long documentary on Netflix.

2. Kiss the Ground

Kiss the Ground featuring Woody Harrelson, steps up to highlight the solutions and actions required to tackle climate change. This documentary film skips the doom and gloom and instead showcases real actions that humanity can take to save our planet. Kiss the Ground became part of the Tribeca film festival's official selection, held in New York City in 2020. The documentary explains how our soil contains the key lifeline to unlock a carbon-positive future, mainly due to extensive farming, of which when soil is damaged it releases back carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The solution is using nature to remove airborne carbon dioxide, and absorb this back into the ground. From composting to tree intercropping to afforestation to green roofing, just some of the ways we can create a carbon capture solution, and start the drawn down process of carbon dioxide. Released on Netflix in September 2020, and we give it 5/5!

What does Kiss the Ground do?

The Kiss the Ground documentary helps viewers understand the positives of humanity's climate actions. Less about what we're not doing and more about hope and what we are doing to rebuild our planet's ecosystem.

Is Kiss the Ground a documentary?

Kiss the Ground is a feel-good documentary highlighting the success and ideas we can use to help bring back the garden of Eden we all have in our minds when we think of planet earth.

What is the main theme of the film Kiss the Ground?

The Kiss the Ground documentary highlights all the right things humanity is doing to bring back lost habitats and ultimately help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is airborne.

How long is Kiss the Ground?

Kiss the Ground is 1 hour 24 minute long documentary on Netflix.

3. Seaspiracy

Seaspiracy is a documentary film about the environmental impact of fishing throughout the world. Produced by the same award-winning 2014 Cowspiracy team, this eye-watering opener to commercial fishing highlights how this industry is damaging our oceans, through overfishing, microplastics amongst others. This documentary film hasn't come without its controversies with dubs of misinformation claims, suggesting the stated facts aren't critically backed or contain some falsehoods. Regardless of the critics, the complex issues that arise from this film especially about those living in third world countries whose lives depend on fishing, there's no doubt sustainability fishing can't be 100% sustainable. We gave this 4/5.

Who is Seaspiracy funded by?

Seaspiracy was funded by the owner of Ecotricity, Dale Vince, a British industrialist.

Is overfishing really a problem?

That's up for debate and depends on who you ask. Whilst the majority of fish in our oceans depend on eating other fish, if humans are taking those for ourselves, coupled with the amount of sea pollution (fishing nets for example), there's no doubt we cannot be harming our oceans in some respects.

Where is Ali Tabrizi from?

Ali Tabrizi is a director and cinematographer from Kent, United Kingdom.

How long is the documentary Seaspiracy?

Seaspiracy is 1 hour 28 minute long documentary on Netflix.

4. Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet

Breaking Boundaries is an inspiring documentary film on Netflix that takes the scientific facts of our planet and breaks down each area into nine boundaries. These boundaries make up part of the earth's core systems, which if we continue to abuse, will contribute to the rapid decline of the earth. This documentary gives the reasons behind each boundary, what we can do to slow down or halt each one, and how far we've already exceeded them. Critics of this climate change documentary film have generally been below or averagely rated, but we gave this 4/5.

What is breaking boundaries documentary about?

The Breaking Boundaries film breaks down nine core boundaries which if we cross we will face a different world to the one we've grown up in. It uses scientific models to map each boundary and is showcases where we've got to where we are now and how we can avoid crossing those boundaries in the future.

Is breaking boundaries on Netflix?

Yes, Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet is available to watch on Netflix now.

What are the 9 boundaries in breaking boundaries?

  1. Climate change
  2. Biosphere integrity
  3. Ocean acidification
  4. Depletion of the ozone layer
  5. Atmospheric aerosol pollution
  6. Biogeochemical flows of nitrogen and phosphorus
  7. Freshwater use
  8. Land-system change
  9. Release of novel chemicals

What are the two core boundaries?

Johan RockstrΓΆm's team of scientists and researchers have determined that climate change and biosphere integrity are known as the two core boundaries, which hold the most weight and power in turns of the earth's tipping point of which could force earth into a non-reversible state.

5. Fire in Paradise

If you are wondering what effect climate change has on our planet, then you should watch Fire in Paradise. Fire in Paradise is an emotional short documentary film of 40 minutes about a town called Paradise, Butte County, California, where a small wildfire took hold and devastated the town. Killing 85 people and this documentary tells the story first hand from fire fighters and local residents, re-playing the horror that occurred back in 2018.

What caused the fire in Paradise?

A small wildfire caused by an electrical transmission fault later devastated the town of Paradise.

How many homes were lost in the Paradise fire?

It's estimated that over 11,000 homes were lost in the 2018 Californian fire.

Is fire in Paradise still on Netflix?

Yes, Fire in Paradise is still available to watch on Netflix now.

Will Paradise be rebuilt?

Yes, Paradise is undergoing a rebuilding program after the devastation that occurred in November 2018.

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