Climate Change Posters

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words and with climate change, an extremely complex and challenging issue we all face, climate change posters are an amazing way to express to others the dangers we face as the clock ticks closer to that 2050 deadline, of keeping the earth's rise in temperature to 1.5c.

Best posters on Climate Change

Climate change action all starts from climate change awareness. With awareness comes information, headlines, and ideas. We've looked high and low and found a collection of the best, inspiring and powerful climate change posters available to help spread the climate information message so that everyone can be part of this movement. It doesn't affect those in other countries, it affects every human on earth. If you are looking for climate change post ideas, drawing ideas, facts, or information about climate change, posters are the way to go and we've collected some of the best.

We need rainforests to protect us

We need rainforests to protect us poster

This shocking poster design highlights the true impact humanity plays on nature, and this poster doesn't shy away from that. As the poster states, we produce 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year, meaning we need the rainforest more than ever to ensure we draw down on carbon dioxide. The poster depicts South America, where the beautiful yet in danger Amazon rainforest is under threat.

The poster tries to highlight the fact that harmful pollution from human activity is swamping the earth's atmosphere with more carbon dioxide than nature can handle. In other words, we're producing more carbon dioxide annually, than the world's natural resources can absorb, meaning, we are (humans) causing more harm than good! A diverse habitat, soon could be a deserted wasteland.

Animals are in danger, plastic is not

WWF, (World Wide Fund for Nature) is a non-governmental worldwide organisation that aims to protect animals, the environment, and reduce the human impact on planet earth. This poster is another shocking example of using the raw realities of humanity's impact on the environment and the wilderness.

The poster depicts an elephant, which is sadly classed as a critically endangered animal, being squeezed inside a plastic water bottle. The meaning behind this poster is, that plastics are known to take a least 450+ years to break down, however, the future of elephants, at this current rate of decline, will not reach the same timeframe. That means that future generations could grow up in a world without these amazing animals.

Animals are in danger, plastic is not poster

Tesla the pioneers in the motoring industry sector

Tesla the pioneers in the motoring industry sector poster

For many years, Tesla has been pushing into the very competitive market with an electric revolution mindset, most notably in the car industry. Against critics and skeptics, Tesla has proved it's possible to mass-scale EV car production, into a fossil fuel-hungry world.

This poster highlights that it's not the difference between simply driving a car, it's more about the type of car you drive, and in the poster's own words, it's more about choosing the air you breathe. The huge benefit of EV cars is that as consumers drive around towns and cities, in doing so they are not releasing harmful carbon dioxide onto the streets.

As the poster shows, it's what we breathe that makes a difference. With one side showing an empty, and depleted forest, with the other side showing, nature at its best, full of colour, life, and habitation.

Climate change is no longer a game anymore

This funny climate change poster, yet serious message shows Pacman, an arcade produced in 1980, eating away at trees, creating nothing more than empty tree stumps.

The aim of Pacman is to eat all of the dots in the maze without getting chased by the ghosts. In this poster, the dots have been replaced by trees, depicting that humans are Pacman, causing mass deforestation around the world. The iconic character has been used in a clever way to highlight a key humanitarian issue that must be fixed before it is too late.

Climate change is no longer a game anymore poster

More microplastics than fish

More microplastics than fish poster by John Larigakis

It's estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic, in particular microplastics, than fish in our world's oceans. How did we allow for bottles, bags, and straws, to end up in our oceans on a scale that could outnumber fish? This poster highlights just that. By artist John Larigakis, it shows what paradise might soon become. A fine example of a poster that has an impact without words. Will we soon be relaxing on our beaches whilst watching plastic getting washed ashore? Imagine wanting to take a dip in the ocean but instead faced battling against tons of waste, all put there by humans.

Stop Climate Change

A simple message but yet a very important one. This poster has one clear message and action for us all to take, we must stop climate change. This poster depicts the arctic ice caps, the key to holding millions of liters of water locked up away from causing rising sea levels which millions have suffered from due to flooding. It shows ice caps in a shape of a polar bear, an animal that is often associated with climate change. The polar bear, amongst many other animals, suffers directly when it comes to the global warming of the planet, a side effect of climate change. Even though the human population of Antarctica is less than 5,000, polar bears, other arctic animals, ice caps, and the Antarctic climate all are suffering as a direct result of human activity.

Stop Climate Change poster

Climate change poster ideas

Here's a collection of bonus climate change posters to help you gain inspiration and ideas for your next project.

Global climate strike poster

A bold statement climate poster, encouraging those to stop (pulling a sickie) and help stop the planet getting a temperature, i.e. getting hotter than it already is.

eco fingerprint poster

A Greenpeace poster, highlighting, and questioning, what kind of global footprint do we want to leave ourselves, with a fingerprint outline in the forest.

A climate message in a bottle poster

A climate change message in a bottle, but not as we know it. A clever poster design showcasing a whale stuck in a plastic bottle suggesting their world is getting smaller.

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