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Starbucks vs Climate Change


  • 💯 100% green renewable energy since 2015
  • 😅 Not a direct emitter of CO2 emissions


  • 😩 Is not carbon neutral
  • ⏰ Is not carbon free
  • 😐 Is not carbon negative
  • 🏴‍☠️Not funding climate change
  • 🥀 Company website not powered by green hosting

Starbucks' Climate Change Impact: F

How can Starbucks improve on its Climate Change Impact?

Starbucks' company website currently isn't hosted by an industry recognised green host. This means they power their data centre using 100% renewable energy. Switching to a web hosting provider that operates this way will help the internet, and Starbucks becoming a green company.

Becoming carbon-free is one of many ways to become an eco company.

If Starbucks was to become a carbon-negative company will not only cover its outgoing carbon dioxide production, but remove more than its total output.

It is estimated that globally we are required to invest around USD 60 trillion to decarbonise. If every company, including Starbucks was able to fund (in part) something towards climate change as we must reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide.

Does Starbucks use renewable energy?

Starbucks has pledged to use 100% green renewable energy since 2015. In line with the Paris Agreement, globally we need to cut the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

Is Starbucks a carbon neutral company?

Starbucks has not pledged to be a carbon neutral company. It is important that every company takes climate action seriously to help tackle climate change.

How would you rate Starbucks' Environmental Impact?

What do we know about Starbucks' stance on tackling climate change?

Sadly, we do not know a lot about what Starbucks is doing when it comes to climate change. A combination of either providing little to no climate action goals or have provided information but have not specified when they will achieve such goals.

What business sectors are Starbucks in?

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