About Climate vs Change

A community coming together to put companies and countries into the Climate Change spotlight

Climate vs Change is a community-based project with the aim to highlight which companies and countries are doing their bit towards fighting climate change.

We cover a range of different industries and sectors including, tech, financial, and energy. We use easy-to-understand language, and explain climate change terminology, all within an easy-to-use user experience.

We have also broken down each global continent so it is easier to compare countries within the same region, such as Europe, North America, and Asia.

How it Works

1. Find a company that isn't on our website.

2. Then try and find their claims to achieve certain climate change goals. Like carbon neutrality or using 100% renewable energy.

3. Lastly, we'll put the information you've collected through our climate change algorithm and we will give the company a score from A+ to F.

It's a quick and easy way to see which companies are doing their bit, and which ones are not. Help Climate vs Change collected the biggest database of climate change data by submitting a new company.

Why does it matter what companies are doing towards climate change?

We're forced into making some poor climate change choices because of what is on offer. If you wanted to buy some bananas, why are the cheaper ones wrapped in non-recyclable plastic? Why are households and individuals told to recycle when companies are allowed to ship products, again in non-recyclable packaging? There are many answers to these questions amongst others, but on the surface, it isn't immediately apparent which companies are really doing something to help tackle climate change. Essentially, if climate action starts at the source, it means everyone can and should do their bit, including fossil fuel companies and governments in both developed and developing regions.

Driven By Data

We've combined together lots of separate pieces of data on climate change and put them all together that either relate to a company, country, or continent as a whole. All collected data is backed by sources, although climate change sources direct from companies can be debatable at times. There are many different areas to what affects climate change, but here at Climate vs Change, we're focusing on carbon and carbon emissions.

If you found some data that needs to be improved or is inaccurate, please feel free to contact us at @ClimateVsChange.

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